Nothing has changed. We are still at home as much as possible. Many businesses are open, much more than March last year. Everyone finds a reason why they are "essential". It's now been 305 days since the first lock-down.

Hil and I do not suffer cabin fever. It seems easy to fill our time. We frequently walk on The Downs. The gorse is in flower and looking quite spectacular. There are DIY tasks around the house; I seem to be able to find things that are broken and really need to be mended on a daily basis. We now have more PIR activated lights in the garden.

The Zoom sessions are all up and running. I think the participants value the little bit of structure we can provide though I wonder if we are not just teasing them all; we provide a reminder of activities we can not do right now.

The vaccine roll-out continues. It's interesting how many people are refusing the vaccine. Up to 10% or care-workers are refusing to be vaccinated, and refusal is around 50% in some areas. I believe over 70% of the population of the population has to be vaccinated for it to be effective.

And yet more percentages; there is s suspicion that 30% of people in London have had Covid. Today, our current death rate s the highest world-wide. The accusation is that our country did not act as decisively as other countries. The number of people I know who have contracted the virus has also increased.