We have been enjoying more walks on The Downs. Today, we organised our day to account for the weather forecast. We had a late cooked breakfast and left the house about 11:00. We walked up to the South Downs Way and back down in to Shoreham before returning home. The loop was about 10 miles in all and took us 4 hours. We were back indoors for a light lunch to watch the rain.

The Downs are noticeably busier than normal. Many people are using this time to get outdoors. The roads are also quite busy. I can't imagine where everyone is going.

I walked down George Street (the main shopping are in Hove) this week. About half the shops are shut. Most of the cafés are open (for take away) and appear to be doing quite a trade. I visited the hardware store for materials to mend the bathroom door.

The allotment is quiet at this time of year. There was quite a lot of rain during the week, so the ground is too wet to dig. There has been quite a lot of wind and it has bent the brassica cage. Nothing that can't be mended later in year.