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Scaynes Hill to Patcham (18 km)

The Chattri monumentWe started the day in the same way as yesterday; leaving one car in the car-park in Braypool Lane (Patchham), and the other at the car-park in Scaynes Hill. It did not take as long as yesterday, but we still spent 1½ hours driving during the day.

We started walking at 10:00.

Although there was no rain over-night, the ground was still incredibly wet under-foot.

It was a good day for wild-life spotting. Red Kites are becoming more common over the Downs now. We also saw 2 lots of deer. Our most prized spotting was a stoat. We saw him run in to his hole, so stood still there a while until he reappeared and darted across the path. 

Today's walk goes through the village of Ditchling; where we ate our lunch in the gardens looking at St Margaret's Church before enjoying a pint in the White horse PH.

We had a break (Hot Happy Bun) at The Chattri.

We arrived at the car at 17:30.