The weekend, of course, is just like the week!

I spent some time in the garage making a set of paralettes. I'll try to use them regularly; it would be a shame to lose the ability to hold a handstand.

In the afternoon, Hil and I took a walk to the sea front. It was quite windy. It's relatively easy to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from everyone; there are very few people out, and all of those move to the other side of the pavement / etc to lat you pass. It's all very polite and British. 

My book The Stand arrived today, which will be the next book I read. I gather sales books such as The Plague and The Eyes of Darkness have dramatically increased as well.

In the evening Hil and I enjoyed a drink in the pub (kidding... we made a pub sign on A4 paper titled "Knot on the Beach"). Then we had a posh meal (sparkling wine and everything) before watching a film.

And now it's Sunday. It's incredibly windy outside. As soon as it's died down Hil and I will have our "daily exercise". We hope to get on the Downs this afternoon.