We ordered some things from the allotment shop. Collecting them was easy; all the things were placed on a trolley outside the shop with the bill. We paid using BACS online when I go home.

From there I went to Sainsburys. An interesting thing to see; a queue of around 30 people, each clutching their trolley, standing 2 metres from the next. The British have learned to make queuing yet more civilized. I left without going in, and ended in the small local co-op. There was limited choice, so I ignored the shopping list and bought what was there. We now have so much coffee we wont need to buy it again for a month. Bananas and mushrooms appear to be plentiful as well.

Hil drove to get her mother's "click and collect" shopping later on. She describes that whole process as very civilized as well. It's probably the thing to do, but it's really hard to get a slot if you are not on the "needy" list.

So tonight's tea: an idea broadcast by Jamie Oliver. It's smoked fish pie, which is a thing we make regularly anyway, but a slightly different method.