Thursday was the busiest day I have had since we hid ourselves away from the plague.

I started the day with a game of "Conditioning bingo". It's difficult to describe, but each bingo ball describes a conditioning exercise rather than a number, and the bingo card contains those exercises. The winner was the first to get a row of exercises.The game was, of course, played during an online video conference.

A shopping trip is something I would never have thought to comment on before, but now there is always an interesting observation. The 2 metre lines fixed to the ground at Sainsbury's have been there so long, and seen so much foot-fall, they have begun to fade. This is in contrast to the brand new markings outside the schools that have never been touched. This week's out of stock items: grease proof paper, tinned fish, long life orange juice, vinegar, 1.5kg flour bags. Sainsbury's have begun to sell a 16kg sack of plain flour for £10. I am not sure how I can store such a volume.

The wearing of masks in public places is becoming more common. Indeed it will be obligatory on public transport and places where social distancing is not possible. I came across a young couple with a young child in the supermarket. Both parents wore masks but the young child did not. I do not understand why they one of them didn't stay outside the shop with the child if they were worried enough to be wearing a mask.

After lunch I went to give blood, the sixtieth time I had done so. This process has changed in many ways over the years I have been donating. I wore a mask throughout (apart from when I was drinking water from the disposable cup presented to me on my arrival). The chairs and donating stations were all 2 metres from each other. The waiting area looked as though it was designed to prevent a group of naughty school boys communicating with one another as they waited to see the headmaster.

From there I walked down to the sea front and sat on the grass with a couple of friends. We only talked, and that was mostly to do with the virus. We were there for well over an hour.

There was nothing special in the day; but I have not done these things for so long. I have become used to doing one thing per day. Multiple things that needed me to get from one thing to another is a strange idea.