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East Grinstead-Scaynes Hill (24 km)

The Bluebell LineWe drove to Scaynes Hill with 2 cars to the car-park just north of the village. We left one car there, and both went in the other car to East Grinstead. This car was parked on the road near the start of the walk. This took us well over an hour to do.

We started walking at 10:15.The walk starts on a disused railway, though soon turns off on to a bridleway.

The walk down to the reservoir and then around it was very wet and muddy. This slowed us down a lot. It took nearly 2 hours to walk the first 6km.

Once free of that things were better, though there were several parts of the path where we got muddy. By the time we were home we were caked in mud below the knee.

The walk crosses the Bluebell line on several occasions. We did see the steam train running up and down between East Grinstead and Sheffield Park.

We arrived back at the car at 17:00. Then we drove back to East Grinstead for the other car and then back home. Another 1ΒΌ hours.