We missed another wedding on Saturday. The weather was not so good this weekend, so we had a posh meal and with a bottle of champagne.

We have been keeping a "social distance" of 2 metres from everyone for months. Now the government are considering reducing that distance to 1 metre. I suspect the change has been bought about to encourage schools to restart, rather than taking into account any safety information. There are many opinions around the world on this raging from 1 metre to 2 metre. The Australian's have opted for a distance of 1.5m, enough for an adult kangaroo. Sign makers are going to make loads of money. UK businesses have been buying 2 metre signs to put up everywhere. The reduced distance will also make the queues shorter. I guess they'll have to paint more "wait here" signs on the pavement outside the schools as well. 

People living alone are now allowed to stay overnight (or have people staying with them overnight). This is a new care bubble.

Brexit issues are beginning to re-emerge from the rubble of the virus. Businesses are saying we can not leave with no deal; all the reserves have been used up during this crisis, there's no room for another. The shortages witnessed during March are nothing compared to what will happen at Christmas.

The allotment is producing more now. We are eating strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, potatoes, pak-choi.