The litter and noise is slowly increasing. The Prime Minister said we could all go outside on Monday. Obviously, nobody listened to the "Monday" part. Many people are tired to listening to barely thought out rules that MPs themselves do not bother to follow.

MacDonald's are open again for drive through. I find it amazing that people queued in their cars for hours to buy junk food in disposable packaging. Are these the things we all miss so much? You would have thought people have had enough of queueing.

Brighton beach was rammed on Saturday and the next day there was as much litter on the beach as the litter pickers had ever seen. Sadly this included burned out barbecues and broken glass. Many of the locals did not go near the beaches to avoid the crowds. We certainly won't be venturing to town until the madness has abated. 

The weather has been really hot and dry. There has been no rain for almost a month. They say it was the driest May since ages. Things are growing down the allotment. The image here is my attempt at sweet potatoes. They are supposed to grow up in to the net above them. Will this work? I have no idea.

Some of the schools have partially returned, while other children have been told there will be no school until September. We are thinking abut how to re-open the club. We will have to liaise with the Leisure Centre. I feel the gymnasts will enter a very different club to the one they left behind.