Installation notes

About this station

This station uses a Maplins N96GY weather station, which is actually a re-branded Fine Offset WH1080.

I screwed a tree stake to the fence post. The tube provided with the weather station was then fixed to the stake using the jubilee clips in the box. This arrangement puts the weather station about 3 metres in the air, above the level of the garage roof.

The station is monitored, and these pages are created using 'weewx'.

Ask Richard or Hil if you want to know any more.

Testing on Windows

Use Cumulus instead of EasyWeather. It's more flexible and reliable. EasyWeather did not work on lap top.

Testing on Linux

Set up Weewx on an old lap-top. Need to simulate FineOffsetUSB mode.
Read the documentation!

It's the usual Linux "blank" at the start; nothing happens and there's no explanation.

Install SSH-server on weewx machine. This enables me to edit the source files without moving the PC, and disconnecting the weather station. (The router/firewall stops connections from outside my local area network.)

Got it to upload to base-camp site. Remember to use speech marks around user name / password. Use a separate FTP account restricted to a sub-folder so it can't harm the rest of the site.

Customise the web-pages

Pages now use PHP. This requires PHP to be running on server. PHP includes are used to maintain style across the pages.

Each plot is shown as a thumbnail without legend and scale. There is a larger resolution image for each plot which can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail. Plot images are served with a suffix of the file creation time, which stops browsers using their cache for old versions of the plot.

The pages and style-sheet are simplified so there is no need for a separate style sheet for different devices (e.g. smart-phones).

JavaScript links were removed.

NOAA data output has been expanded to include "comma separated value" spread-sheets for data sets.

Documentation on Cheetah Template Generator can be found on the Python Package Index. The main Cheetah web-site was not responding.

Integrate with on-line weather service

Weather Observation Web-site run by the met. office

Station is registered.

Use Station ID from WOW as "station", and enter a AWS PIN in WOW to use as password.

Install Weewx on Raspberry Pi

Pretty straight forward.

I should have installed the customised skin before letting weewx run.

Extended Almanac information was not available on the Pi (so full moon times / etc).

More graphs

I installed JP graph. This package creates charts from any given data table. JP graph is used to create graphs from previous years / etc to allow comparison. The graphs are all created by the server, rather than the Javascript solutions (which create the images on the client).

JP graph is open source (free for use in non-commercial applications), and has really good documentation and examples. It's very flexible, and can create all sorts of charts and graphs. I would recommend it for everyone.


July 2018: After a long period without rain the rain gauge stopped working. I took the gauge apart to discover a spider had made a nest within the gauge. I evicted the spider, cleaned it all out, and poured some some water through it, trying to match the rain recorded by Shoreham College.

15-Aug-2019: The rain gauge stopped working some time around 15 August. It was recording, but way too low, and sporadic. A new one, sold by Misol through Amazon, was purchased and installed on 24 August. The seller clearly states there is no guaranty the component will fit other stations, however it appears to be the same thing. It was tested against the existing rain gauge, and both tip at the same rate.

30 August 2019