The latest government advice is "go back to work". It is now considered safe to travel to cities to work in crowded offices. The media reports around 40% of office workers agree with the sentiment, the rest choose to continue working from home. I gather the percentage of government ministers working from home is particularly high.Of course, cases of Covid-19 are rising quickly, although, interestingly, there are less deaths now. I think the hospitals are better at treating the disease.

Along with the pleas to return to the work-place, the government has introduced "the rule of six". This means we are no longer allowed to have social groups of greater than six. Work places, gyms, pubs, etc are basically exempt from this (you wouldn't be allowed to sit more than 6 around a single table), so I guess the only place it matters is in your own home.

The children have now returned to school and the gym is busy again. The Leisure Centre in general is still very quiet though.

There is a surge in divorces. All those months being locked up with your loved one have proved too much for some families.

We have had a bumper year for home grown cucumbers. We have given some away, but we have also fond many ways of using them; cucumber relish, cucumber chilli pickle and salads with tomatoes!

We have eaten in the garden with a barbecue the last two Saturdays. We had the neighbours round for one; they bought their own plates and salads. It is all quite normal to keep separated while in the same garden.